About CrEST

DSC_1665CrEST: Creativity in Engineering, Science, and Technology is an innovative 60-hour course for high school students on applying physical computing, mechanical systems and electronics to design and build interactive devices.

The CrEST program emphasizes hands-on, lab-based demonstrations, experiments, and projects that offer important learning experiences related to circuitry, electronics, mechanical systems, physical computing, robotics and other STEM disciplines. The CrEST program was designed by NYU-Poly’s Center for K-12 STEM Education, and the curriculum is adapted from courses taught at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) by Dustyn Roberts, a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at NYU-Poly.

This program was developed through a partnership with ExpandED Options.  We welcome our second class of students on campus in late February 2014 and are excited also to have the opportunity to pilot this program at Harlem Educational Activities Fund.

Explore the curriculum and check back for updates on our class blogs.